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Watching SxS live broadcast tonight really left me a deep message...

I was surprised to see the cheerful faces instead gloomy ones...means that "They haven't defeated yet!!!"
Rather than waiting or hoping offered help and support from other(country) they insisted to think what can they do for them self....whether it would be a financial support,self consideration of electricity limiting,or just a smile....they do whatever they could...

Those encouraging words really something....

So it's more that they're the one that give me a help than what I've given to them...
They teach me about the power of courage,love and self esteem....You give me inspiration...as always

君 から もらった 勇気 の 変わりにさ 僕 の 愛 を あげる よ。。。。

がんばれ 日本!!!!!!
あたし も 負けたくない から!!!!

pics credit: qnuy
It was supposed to be a usual morning...I woke up,pray,and turn on my laptop...Like usual...
But then I was so confused seeing my friends busy talking about Singapore,cheap ticket,and SMAP.
WHAT!!!!!!!SMAP is in Singpore now?????(@ 3March 2011).....I remember I was so angry(because I didn't go online the night before when they chatting about this...I was straight go to sleep)
And from their conversation it seemed like they are letting go about the plan chasing SMAP to Singapore in due to no cheap flights....

My heart is burning...scolding my friends ccoz they didn't texted me wahahaha...gomen minna...
And I started to browse every flights for that morning...NO CHEAP ONE!!!!!I was so desperate....I really wanna go....I said to them.
And suddenly they start to burn in flame as well...So we were confidentially going to Singapore NO MATTER WHAT!!!!SMAP were THIS CLOSE!!!! It was me,Hikkie chan, Qnuy and Gurie.We skipped work with hope to be able to meet SMAP.

Hikkkie and Qnuy who searched and booked the cheapest airline they could find...And we were appointing the SOETA airport as our meeting point....I CAN"T BELIEVE THAT I CAN BE THIS IMPULSIVE!!!! On my way to airport I was thinking how crazy I am...We are for doing this...But I really wanna chase them....I wanna embrace this 0,1% chance to see them LIVE...

IttekimaaaasuCollapse )

And these are the crazy people I was talking about wakakakaka
Happy faces....in the middle of the night somewhere @ Changi XD

I will tell this story for my kids when I have ones wakakaka
One thing I learn....Put your dreams as high as it can be...There is nothing impossible as long you believe in GOD...Pray for it and GOD will grant everything you pray in HIS own way and times you would never expect..

From now on I will not hesitate to pray about my goals,dreams....
Let's keep dreaming people!!!!

Harataki man

I really love a film or dorama that the story is about people that struggle hard on their life, work and love. Very inspirational, since that I’m lack of those spirits hahaha. Also songs content courage words...Can melt me to the bone.
I just download and watch Harataki Man up to episode 3, and it already consumed me. I love these kinds of women. Doesn’t wanna be underestimate just because she was born as woman, putt effort to her last breath, making mistakes and learn from it. Because life is a fight after all ne… Surrender means you kill yourself.
I love Miho Kanno, even though this will be my first dorama she starred. I love her because she was and still is a close person to my top men, SMAP. She once worked together with Nakai kun and Shingo chan in SataSma… Also ofcourse, she always being rumored as Goro chan’s girlfriend. But it’s okay isn’t it? To love someone because they close to something you most treasured. At least it made me wanna learn about her, and in the end getting to love the person herself despite of her connections with SMAP.
Kanno Miho is surely a beautiful woman with a great smile, and of course a hard working person. Still don’t know much about her, but I will learn. I hope her stories can motivate and encourage me for moving forward for my own life.
A story about work environment, passion, ambition, failure, mistake and success. Starred by Kanno Miho, also there are my ikemens : Mokomichi Hayami and Sawamura Ikki (muaaach…).

But event hough my ikemens are here, I can't stop my self starring at Kanno...Because she's so kakkoi here

Villon's Wife it's going to Hollywod

Just read on Facebook that screening of VILLON'S WIFE on Friday, April 30th, at 7:30pm at the
Laemmle Sunset 5 Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This was Japan's official
submission to the 2010 Oscars and stars some of the hottest talent in Japan including Asano Tadanobu, Matsu Takako and Tsumabuki Satoshi!


Lately I've been scared by a vision....Vision of my future...I've been dreaming about it two weeks ago...Little by little I'm starting to believing that's how my life will go....This morning I even cried literally when I woke up from my sleep and terrified...

Last week I've been out with my Smappies...I felt so happy that I finally gonna have a neutralizer for my pain...Laugh and laugh all the way that evening...eat and eat..hahaha...
I went home and forgetting those pain I have....I thought it's for good, like it usually does, but the pain came again....Perhaps it because lots of events happened....And the pressure I got...Being left out each of the time...Time goes by you know...!!!For everyone, but it seemed like not for me...

Soooo...until this morning my chest was narrow...I barely able to breath sometimes...Tears often fell without me realizing it...At a bus, I was so ashamed....It's ME, a person that never let her tears fall especially in front of people, but now I think I've let 1 liter of tears from my eyes just by this 2 weeks.

I became a cold person... I thought of letting it go but I can't change my act...Not now I guess...This time I'm in a "blaming everything" phase...It's not good...Dame kore...But I just can't stop....They are really leaving me....The vision is slowly becoming into reality....I'm scared...Where should I go?????

So I went to work this morning, still being cold to everyone... "Ahhh...I wanna hurry finish today's work and go...home or anywhere..." that's what I thought...And suddenly I got a text message from one of Smappies that they have plans to spent night at karaoke....And "BOOM" no need second thoughts...I say I wanna come...

And finally I had lots of fun with them....That's all that I need right now...Lots of fun...
I wish I won't have those horrible vision anymore...Not only the vision, but also in my reality...I don't wanna end up like that


AKAKAGE movie request


Guys...I wonder if you have this 2001 movie titled AKAKAGE

Director : Hiroyuki Nakano
Cast : Masanobu Ando ... Akakage
Megumi Okina ... Koto-Hime
Kumiko Asô ... Asuka
Jun Murakami ... Aokage
Naoto Takenaka ... Shirokage
Fumiya Fujii ... Ranmaru
Shûhei Mainoumi ... Rikimaru
Kei Tani ... Roushi
Ryôko Shinohara ... O-Rin
Kitarô ... Roushi, Mura no chourou
Denden ... Bonnobei
Shigeru Kôyama ... Kyougoku Kanemitsu, Sengoku-Daimyou
Seizo Fukumoto ... Sasai
Yôji Tanaka
Kouji Yazawa

I might miss reading it somewhere so I really appriciate if you can tell me...Thank you in advance


Dec. 5th, 2009

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Gyaaaaaaa....feeling envy.....How can he do that to me????(lebay mode on)....He took picture with that girl...Did she asked him easily???Because for me it wasn't easy...

But...but....he's still cute.....wkwkwkw....my anger just fade away because of that face...


As cute as I saw him back then....Cute Kenji kun...I found you again!!!!But still I haven't find his trace on society network...xixixixixi....

I think I will have a nice sweet dream for tonight....


before i'm off to bed

Today is like the past few days...no news...no progress...
But I still put my hope as high as the sky...

I wish I can sleep with a face like this ...^^...


Stalker Mode ON!!!!!!

I'm so proud of Shingo Katori, one of my 5 men. He's doing play at Broadway stage in NY...Wish him good luck and good LOVE.

Right now I"m following his daily activity through his blog... He posted lots of cute stuff...Like this!!!(make me playing with my dirty mind..^^)

In my opinion he posted this to prove that he really have this skull underwear desho..^^...Since someone,I suspected Ki~low, recently posted on Tarlow's blog that Tarlow's not really wearing skull underwear like he always said.^^...Kawaii...
This blog is really addicting, I follow every second of it...I remember the time Ijiri,or Tsu~low had it.^^

So, I started my debut becoming a S.T.A.L.K.E.R...It's fun actually...

source: http://ameblo.jp/talow-tls/